How to bid Online


1. Create Membership

All users will be required to create a membership to Aaron Auctions to be able to participate in an auction. To begin registration, click the orange Log In / Register button to begin the registration process. The registration process is a four simple step process.

2. Register For Auction

Every memebers will be required to sign up for each individual auction to be able to bid on lots in that specific auction only. Each member will be required to sign up for every auction they wish to participate in bidding on.

3. View Lot Catalog To Place Bids

Once registering for a specific auction one may view the lot catalog and participate in bidding. The lot catalog allows bidders to view all lot descriptions and bidding details. Users can bid on multiple lots at this level or add a particular lot to the user's watch list to only view lots in an auction that only pertain to a bidder's needs.
Lot Catalog Legend:  
The bid button allows for a registered user to place a bid at the increment which is assigned at that current high bid. The 'Reserve Not Met' icon indicates that the current high bid does not meet the reserve price that was set for that specific lot. The 'Reserve Met' icon indicates that the current high bid has met or exceeded the reserve price set for that specific lot. The 'You Are The Highest Bidder' icon indicates that the logged in bidder is the highest for the lot that is in a current auction.
Submit / Raise Max Autobid: If you are unable to stay online through the bidding process, you now have the ability to raise your current Max Autobid to ensure a better chance of winning this asset. Once a bidder submits your Max Autobid, the bidder will not be able to lower their Max Autobid.

4. Post Auction Notifications

E-mail Notification: Upon completion of an auction the bidder will be notified via e-mail with an invoice which will include all winning lots, each lot amount, and total balance due. From this step the winning bidder will have the the option of three different payment methods.
Lots Awarded Tab: Upon completion of an auction the bidder will be able to view in the lots awarded tab all of the winning lots from that specific auction only. From the lots awarded tab, the winning bidder can print the lots awarded page or begin the payment process by following one of the three payment methods.
My Account - Auction History: In the my account header, under auction history a winning bidder can view their winning bids on a per auction basis. The winning bidder will be able to select an auction where they finished as the highest bidder on review their final invoice and choose from three payment methods to pay for their winning lots.

5. Payment Options

Aaron Industrial Marketplace customers have three forms of payment options; Pay By Credit Cart, Wire Transfer, or by sending a check to Aaron Equipment Company.
Paid in Full E-mail Receipt: Once Aaron Equipment has received the full payment for the pending balance per auction then Aaron Equipment will send the winning bidder a paid in full notification that will instruct the bidder to contact Aaron Equipment for to arrange removal and shipping of their winning lots.

6. Arrange Removal and Shipping

Aaron Industrial Marketplace will be help the customer arrange removal and shipping of all winning lots.